• Corporate Responsibility


Responsibility Begins with Our Commitment to Advance the Quality of Global Healthcare.

Our focus remains on the areas with the greatest impact both to our customers and to the quality of global healthcare. To strengthen the role of information in healthcare, we provide objective, relevant insights critical to sound decision making and improved patient care. At the same time, we inspire our teams to behave responsibly and ethically—always with an awareness of the greater good. We extend that support to our communities, where the company makes a lasting contribution through a range of philanthropic and fundraising activities.  

Code of Conduct

Wherever QuintilesIMS does business in the world, the fundamental values of honesty, integrity and ethical conduct form the core of everything we do. Our reputation is shaped by the personal decisions of every employee. QuintilesIMS staff strive to be decent and fair-minded, and do what is right on the job, even in the most difficult situations.

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Greater Access to Insights

IMS Health works to continually expand access by all stakeholders—including policymakers, providers, payers and consumers—to information and insights that advance global health. 

 2016 Goal: We will strive to ensure that insights gained from the use of IMS Health data will appear in at least 500 news articles, medical journals, advertising and other sources readily available to the general public.

In-Kind Giving

IMS Health believes that better information lies at the heart of a better world. We support the work of academic and medical research institutions by offering our unique information and analytic assets and our consulting expertise to researchers at special discounted pricing. IMS Health also considers pro bono support whenever possible.

In addition, a significant amount of IMS Health information useful to researchers conducting studies is readily available in the public domain. A bibliography of publications and studies citing IMS Health Information is available here.

2016 Goal: IMS Health aims to continue expanding access to IMS Health data by academic researchers, non-governmental organizations and government health organizations. More specifically, we plan to provide in-kind donations at a minimum aggregate amount of US$10 million.*

* Aggregate value of in-kind contributions at standard IMS Health commercial rates.

Environmental Sustainability

At IMS Health, we have a longstanding commitment to protect the environment. Many of our successes to date have been conceived and driven by our colleagues in local initiatives around the world. These initiatives are not only good for the environment, but in many cases have a significant cost-saving impact.

2016 Goal: 100 percent of our offices worldwide will have a recycling plan in place for materials and equipment used in those facilities.

Customers Count on Us

Whether dealing with customers or suppliers, we are guided by core values and guiding principles that shape our approach to responsible, ethical business conduct:

  • Observing the ethical standards of society: We will adhere to the highest standards of integrity and business ethics, and deal fairly with customers, suppliers, strategic partners and fellow employees.
  • Fairness and Integrity: We will compete vigorously but fairly. Our rating, measurement and evaluation processes will be conducted with the utmost integrity.
  • Dignity and Respect: We will maintain employment practices based on equal opportunity for all.
  • Confidentiality: We will respect the confidentiality of information we receive or create. That includes our commitment to protecting individual patient privacy as it relates to the data we analyze and distribute.
  • Environment, Health and Safety: We will operate our business in harmony with the environment and maintain a healthy and safe workplace.
  • Complying with the Law: We will abide by the letter and spirit of all applicable laws.

IMS Health People Make the Difference

The key to our success is our people, whose expertise, diversity and commitment set the standard for the industry.

We actively cultivate an environment where people can learn, grow and innovate; where integrity and respect for individual performance and collective success are core values; and where differences are encouraged. By embracing our differences, we create innovative solutions that are good for IMS Health, for clients, and for the advancement of healthcare everywhere.

At IMS Health, the rights and well-being of our people—and employment practices based on equal opportunity for all—are protected through our Policy on Business Conduct.

'IMS Health Cares'

With cancer so pervasive in our society, IMS Health has made support for cancer prevention, treatment and research a focus of our corporate philanthropy efforts. Through our IMS Health Cares program, we help our colleagues help others by supporting their personal efforts on worthy, cancer-related causes. IMS Health supports employee fundraising activities with up to $150 per person annually for participating in local, community-focused events.

From Philadelphia to Singapore, from London to Tokyo, our employees are making a difference in the lives of others by running, walking, swimming and biking to support health initiatives. We’ve made major contributions to organizations including the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Fondation Pour la Recherche Medicale, and CancerCare.

Connecting with the Community

These efforts are complemented by initiatives not necessarily focused on health, but that have an impact on local communities. In the U.S., we support higher education and encourage contributions to universities, colleges and organizations that support educational institutions. For disaster relief, IMS Health matches employee contributions made to organizations such as the Red Cross.

Along with celebrating colleagues who make significant contributions to IMS Health, the CEO Team Awards is an opportunity to support worthy charities in our local communities. Each winning team recommends a charity to which they would like IMS Health to contribute $10,000. Those charities have included Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, Japan’s Nationwide Network to Support Children with Intractable Diseases, Alzheimer’s Association and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.