• Advanced Analytics

Realize the Value of Big Data and Leading-Edge Technology with New Analytic Approaches

Traditional analytics provide a foundational understanding of the current world:

  • Descriptive analytics explain what is happening today
  • Diagnostic analytics explain why it is happening

Advanced analytics are key to driving real breakthroughs and better outcomes:

  • Predictive analytics model, forecast and simulate future outcomes
  • Prescriptive analytics show how to achieve the best outcomes and address risk
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Leapfrog Your Competitors in Building One of the Industry’s Critical Capabilities

Stay ahead of the competition. IMS Health’s data, advanced technology and expert services can help you apply advanced analytics to drive real breakthroughs.

Most life sciences companies are not using predictive or prescriptive analytics.

Advanced Analytics Improve Performance Across R&D and Commercial Organizations

We Help You Ask the Right Questions to Get the Answers You Need

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